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There are many great benefits to connected cars. However, it’s important that car owners are informed and understand how the data is used.

Privacy and choice are important to all Australians. We need to make sure these basic principles are protected.

The car technology to share your data is here now. Help us ensure our politicians protect your rights.

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Car Buyers Guide

Thinking of buying a car? Here are some important questions you should be asking.
Before you buy a car and potentially sign away your right to control information about yourself, here are four questions you should ask. You might find some more answers by visiting the car maker’s Australian website or by asking the dealer.

Question 1

What information does this car collect, where does it go and what is it used for?

Make sure you understand the information your new car will gather about you, who has access to it and for what purpose.

Question 2

Can I choose who can access the information gathered by my car?

It’s important you understand if and how you can retain control over the information gathered by your potential new car. It’s also very important that you understand the impact of electing to retain control over your information.

Question 3

If I elect not to share my information with the carmaker, what are the ramifications? For example - will my warranty be honoured in full? Will software updates be made available for my car?

It is very important you understand what will happen if you choose not to agree with the manufacturer having ongoing access to your information.  Ensure your dealer shows you in the sale contract where ALL the impacts of their policy are detailed, or ask your dealer to provide the full explanation in writing before you sign-up for your new car.

Question 4

If I agree to share my information with the carmaker, will it also be made available to the repairer of my choice for regular servicing and to my car club should I need roadside assistance?

It’s important to understand whether you are locked into arrangements that limit your choice for servicing your car, and receiving roadside assistance when your car breaks down.

Connected Technology

Car brands offer connected technology in different ways, including directly or via a mobile app. We've listed some popular in-car infotainment systems below. Some of these may simply be streaming apps from your phone and not collect any data. Some may be capturing data that stays in the car and others might transmit data back to a manufacturer. It's not always clear how your data is used, so you might like to talk to your dealer about how they work.

Accessing vehicle data

Do you own a connected car? Do you have experience relating to car data that you would like to share?

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