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There are many great benefits to connected cars. However, it’s important that car owners are informed and understand how the data is used.

Privacy and choice are important to all Australians. We need to make sure these basic principles are protected.

The car technology to share your data is here now. Help us ensure our politicians protect your rights.

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Car Brands

There are many great benefits to telematics technology. However, It’s important that car owners are informed and understand how the data is used. We asked the major brands about how they collect and use data from the cars they make.
Manufacturer Response Date
Alfa Romeo No Response
Audi No Response
BMW No Response
Chrysler No Response
Citroën No Response
Fiat No Response
Ford No Response
GM Holden 26/10/2016 View response »
Honda No Response
Hyundai No Response
Infiniti No Response
Isuzu No Response
Jaguar 01/08/2016 View response »
Jeep No Response
Kia No Response
Land Rover 01/08/2016 View response »
Lexus No Response
Mazda Declined
Mercedes Benz 17/08/2016 View response »
Mini No Response
Mitsubishi 19/09/2016 View response »
Nissan No Response
Peugeot No Response
Proton 20/09/2016 View response »
Renault No Response
Subaru 01/08/2016 View response »
Suzuki No Response
Toyota No Response
Volkswagen 04/08/2016 View response »
Volvo No Response